Anonymous asked: "Hey Sunshine , I've been watching some Em familia clips on Tv globo online and I'm from london So I obviously cant understand it but from what I've seen is Laerte is some sort of pedophile who's been after some younger girl who is Bruna and then doing it behind her back with other women. I also see some bits where bruna is actually ok with laerte and bits where she is not. Anyways too long sorry could someone please explain the whole plot of the story and the characters. I sound like a lunatic x"

Ahaha ♥♥ u made my day :-) to be honest… he really is quite too old for her imo too! Haha

Could they look even more happy?!

Could they look even more happy?!


Bru and Ney leaving the party

more pics of Brumar

Together yesterday :-)

Together yesterday :-)

Anonymous asked: "Can you please post a pic from the Tattoo that Neymar, Rafaella and Bruna have ??"

I did like 3 days ago :-)

Anonymous asked: "bruna has pretty smile ♥ i also want it :("

Yes she has :-) i am sure you have too! I think she is very happy at this moment and those things reflect in everything, so be positive and smile a lot beauty :-) xx

New pic

New pic

Anonymous asked: "Your favorite blogs? A top 10 or somethig"

Uhh i cant do top ten but i love these- Mysergioramos4, luchosswag, spajsyy, fcbarcelonawagsstyle, barca-wags, wags-barca, italian-wags, bvb-zycha10, miroslav-kloses, fcbarcablog, brunamarquezine-neymarjr, madridista-wags-style, futbolwags ……

ikdutchh asked: "reblog that picture! of neymar the drawing!"

Pardon? Which one? And this is blog about Bruna dear :-)

Anonymous asked: "why is bruna wearing a wedding dress? i thought shes dating neymar?"

She is actress and she played in tv soap opera called Em Familia and the last episode was wedding of her and Laerte-her partner in that soap opera. She is dating Neymar in real life :-) xx

Anonymous asked: "can you recomend some barca blogs?"

I love luchosswag, Mysergioramos4… :-) xo

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With her friend and colleague from Em Familia - Bruno Gissoni

With her friend and colleague from Em Familia - Bruno Gissoni

Anonymous asked: "Bruna is kind with her fans? Or with people she meets?"

I think she is, you can see that from loads of photos with her fans. But she is just person, sensitive human being, so its normal that sometimes she has bad days as everybody does. Xx